Schwant Tractor & Service, Inc.
PO Box 55 - 13552 SW K4 Hwy - Dover, Kansas 66420
(785) 256-6242 phone or (785) 256-6199 fax

Dover, KS
785-256-6242   785-256-6199 fax


Schwant Tractor has been a Dealer for Belarus Tractors for over 15 years. 
Unfortunately, we are unable to get new tractors at this time, but we are able to purchase parts and provide service.

Contact us at for parts purchase or to schedule a time for your Belarus to be serviced.

 We do take trade-ins and sometimes have used Belarus Tractors. 

 Used Belarus Tractors available:


For more information regarding Belarus Tractors call Schwant Tractor at:



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