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Westendorf Loaders & Implements


Westendorf TA26 Loader on Landini Powerfarm DT85

For over 70 years Westendorf has been manufacturing the strongest, most reliable
and highest quality loaders on the market.  Westendorf has grown to become the undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of Power-Mount loaders, as well as quick-change attachments and versatile accessories like grab forks, buckets, blades, forklifts and booms.  Westendorf is recognized as innovative producers of loaders and equipment that fit more than 8,700 models of tractors.

100 Series                                                                                

The 100 series front end loader was designed as a mid-sized, high strenght loader for horse owners, acreage owners or anyone who needs the power to move things quickly and easily.  This series is ideal for tractors ranging from 10 HP to 90 HP.  It will turn any compact tractor into a real workhorse with its complete line of material handling attachments.

WL Series

This "Tried & True" series is designed to fit 2WD & some 4WD tractors up to 160 HP.  Loaders have higher lift, larger capacity buckets and low profile design.  The WL-64 is a 4WD model with a 15' lift height and mechanical self-leveling.  The WL-42 & 44 have mechanical self-leveling while other models have the capability of adding the Level Up Adantage.

TA Series

Our Traction Action(TA) product line includes a wide variety from Mid-Sized loaders to Super-Sized loaders designed to fit 2 WD and 4WD tractors ranging from 10 HP to 240 HP.  The TA series fits our patented uni-fit bracket system so you can use the same loader on two different tractors.  They have excellent roll back and dump angles, add-on self-leveling, no-spill self-leveling, & Westendorf's patented features.

XTA Series

These loaders are built for today's larger stronger front-wheel assist tractors.  It is an excellent loader for everyday use for handling materials such as manure, silage and hay.  These high-lift loaders have an excellent low-profile fit for increased visibility and clear sightliness while working.  Fits most models with fenders.  Offers great oscillation and fits narrow rows.  Mount or dismount this big loader in just minutes with the patented Hydraulic Power-Mount feature.  Patented Snap-Attach System.  Heavy-duty construction and grease-from-the-end pins with replaceable bushings.  Hydra-Snap one-step coupling.

Custom Contour Series

They are the finest front-end loaders on the market today.  All hoses and lines are run through the interior of these loaders with easy-to-access panels at the rear of the tower.  Designed for today's newer, sleeker, 4WD tractors with large front tires and fenders.  Unrestricted turning ability.  True Power-Mount.  Patented Snap-Attach system.  Hydra-Snap one-step hydraulic coupling.  Heavy-duty, high-capacity bucket with chain hooks and no-rib interior. 

Other Attachments

Bale Spears
Quick-Tach Teeth
Feeder Buckets
Cat Claw
Grab Forks
Stack Saver I & II
Brush Crusher
Fork Bucket
Extendable Boom
Dozer Blades
Hydraulic Dump Spreader


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